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What we do

Business & Shariah Development

Umar Munshi is a social entrepreneur from Singapore. An entrepreneur since the age of 18, he spent half his business years in Indonesia, a short stint in Saudi Arabia and is now based in Kuala Lumpur.

He founded, the world’s first Real Estate Islamic Crowdfunding Platform. His experience and market leadership of this very new niche evolved and grew rapidly. Umar saw the unprecedented opportunity and was inspired to set up Ethis Ventures, to build more niche crowdfunding platforms with passionate and like-minded partners and collaborators.

Yousuf Sultan is a Bangladeshi born with diverse experience in Shari’ah and Tech consultancy, home and abroad. He holds MSc in Islamic Finance degree from INCEIF, Malaysia. Currently, he’s a PhD candidate at the same institution. He worked with ISRA consultancy on the commentary of BNM Shari’ah Standards.

He overlooked various international IT projects for many satisfied clients. They required strict deadlines, fluent communication and thorough research about the purpose and audience of the projects. It has led him to excel in his project management skill apart from building a long-term relationship with the clients. Currently, he is using this experience in his role as Shari’ah-Tech Consultant at Ethis Ventures.

Previously he worked as Deputy Mufti in Jamia Shariyyah Malibag, a prominent Darul Uloom in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He lectured on Shari’ah perspectives of Islamic Finance and provided training on AAOIFI shari’ah standards. He has been a part-time teacher at Islamic University of Technology (IUT) Dhaka, a subsidiary organ of OIC. Apart from the teaching profession, he frequently appeared as a speaker for live and recorded religious programs on various TV channels in Bangladesh.

Joann Enriquez has a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies and Bachelors of Science in Business  Management from De La Salle University. She has a Masters in Business Administration and pending Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, USA and has recently completed her Master’s in Islamic Finance Practice from the International Centre for Islamic Finance, Malaysia. 

Joann has worked and consulted for various prominent financial and technology companies in

the Silicon Valley while based in San Francisco, California most of her adult life. While in California, she was an active contributor to the CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations and

was very active in Interfaith programs focusing on Children and Motherhood.

She hopes to leave legacies that will live beyond her; and eventually give back to her roots in the

Philippines especially to the marginalised Filipina Muslim who have yet to be heard and represented in trade and commerce and in policy formulation of the Nation.


Chief Operating Officer


Ahmad is from Atlanta, Georgia USA. He began his Islamic education from childhood and completed memorization of the Quran at age 14. He holds a BSc in Usul Fiqh (Shariah) and MSc Islamic Banking and Finance both from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). His thesis was on the topic of Adapting Crowdfunding for SME Finance in Malaysia. His research led him to become a specialist and consultant in Crowdfunding.

Ahmad provided Shariah and Crowdfunding Consultation to lawyers structuring Ethis contracts and was instrumental in coordinating Shariah discussions and decisions with leading international shariah advisories to acquire Shariah compliant status of the current Ethis contracts. His understanding of crowdfunding and Shariah are essential to ensure that the new approaches and structures explored and adopted by Ethis Ventures are both compliant and true to the spirit of Islamic Finance.

Ronald Wijaya is an entrepreneur with extensive networks and excellent understanding of Indonesia. 

He is the country head for both and in Indonesia. He is also a Board and Committee member of the influential Association of Digital Entrepreneurs Indonesia. 

He has experience and connections across various industries, from commodities to manufacturing, to technology.

Shari'ah-Tech Consultant


Erly Witoyo has 15 years experience in the Financial industry working at top-tier global credit rating agency and investment banks before jumping ship to Fintech. 

He has expertise in due diligence and credit analysis. Erly founded award-winning Kapital Boost, ASEAN’s first Islamic P2P crowdfunding platform. 

He is also a Board of Commissioner at PT Bubu Internet, one of the largest digital media agencies in Indonesia.


A popular Media personality in Singapore, Adi Rahman is a changemaker and entrepreneur, having initiated numerous successful businesses from various industries over the past decade.

Adi is the Managing Partner of, the world's first global Waqf Crowdfunding platform. Adi is also actively involved in CSR and community projects in Singapore, managing several fundraising programmes such as the Ready-for-School fund for less privileged students over the last decade. 

His credentials also include fundraising campaigns to aid in the reconstruction of older mosques in Singapore; the Darul Ihsan Orphanage; and an orphanage for children impacted by the tsunami tragedy in Mentawai, Indonesia (2010).

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Ecosystem Partners

Erly, CEO of Kapital Boost

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